Grow Studio is the engine room of our creative genius – where our multi-talented specialists unite to produce the cutting-edge content that blockchain brands need to become unforgettable. At Grow, knowledge is at the very core of everything we do. It’s where we started and it’s how we keep challenging the status quo and moving forward every day. Insight, education and information are our most powerful tools.

Peter Carrol
Founder, CEO

Bootstrapped founder of an award-winning creative agency that scaled from 0 to 7-figure first-year revenue, achieving profitability and international expansion

Dougie McGurty
Co-Founder, CFO

Long-time friend and colleague of Peter, Dougie is an integral member of the management team. He has a keen eye for detail and financial diligence

Doug Thompson
Mentor, Product Owner

Metaverse Veteran and thought leader, Doug is the Founder of Bureau of Bright Ideas Ltd., where he consults on Ai, Machine Learning and Metaverse

Director of Animation Studio

Marvin is responsible for the overall creative direction and organization of our animation projects. His diverse artistic background includes creative management, teaching, 2D and 3D animation, concept art and children’s book illustration.

Creative Director

Vivi is the creative director of our marketing team, bringing extensive experience in creative management and production. She has worked for a range of agencies and clients, including Mercedes and Axel Springer.


As Director of Grow Studio, Michael is responsible for shaping the long-term strategies and visions of the projects we incubate, and providing advisory, marketing, and project management expertise.

Chief Operations Officer

Mirek oversees the day-to-day operations and provides strategic insights across all departments. Mirek plays a vital role in shaping the vision and design of Grow's incubated products, including their structure, monetization, and tokenomics.

Lead Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Mark is responsible for executing creative graphics including illustrations, concept art, comics, branding, pitch decks, book cover design, and marketing materials.

Lead Account Manager

With extensive management experience as an Operational Risk Analyst for CitiBank, John is in charge of maintaining client accounts and managing communication between Grow’s marketing and design teams.

Lead Systems Engineer

Deano is responsible for ensuring that all our technical systems run smoothly. He has extensive administrative and engineering experience at companies such as Flint Studios, the SHS Group, and TIBUS.

Jesse (1)_1
Operations Manager

Jesse is responsible for developing our internal systems and processes. Jesse brings a wealth of operations experience to the role, including the design and implementation of banking compliance systems for numerous international brands.

Content Manager

Simon is responsible for designing and delivering all our written content, overseeing the writing team, and managing the quality of our communications. Simon previously worked in education as a teacher, lecturer, consultant and curriculum specialist.

Senior 2D Animator

Eldan is responsible for supervising and managing the junior animators. Eldan was a 3D artist for five years and worked with hard surface modeling and architectural rendering before joining a multimedia company as a 2D animator.

Senior 3D Generalist

Kayee is responsible for creating and producing ideas using Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unity, and Adobe creative suite. Kayee previously worked as a 3D artist for short films, product animations, sizzle reels, NFT projects, and video teasers.

Junior Animator

Geena works as a junior animator and her tasks include tie-downs, clean-up, and animation coloring, as well as character illustration and concept art. Geena previously worked as a freelance illustrator for several clients, both locally and internationally.

Junior 2D Animator

Nelson specializes in inbetweening, clean-up and coloring. Nelson used to work as a graphic designer, so he brings valuable experience in layout designs, and he has also worked on logos, web design, and website banners.

Compositor & Video Editor

Jefferson is responsible for putting animations and backgrounds together, as well as adding special effects and motion graphics. Jefferson started as an animation studio trainee and worked his way up to his current role.

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